Sunday 9:30am English Service

星期日11:30am 粵文崇拜

星期日4:30 pm 華文崇拜

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成人主日學(每週日 10:00am)

Sunday Schools(11:00am)

Prayer and Share(Mon 5:00pm)

Adult bible study(Wed 7:30pm)

歡樂天地(每週三 7:30pm)

查經班(每週四 2:00pm)

Ladies Bible Study(Every other Fri 9:30am)

心連心(每週五 4:00pm)

華語查經班(每週五 8:00pm)

每月祈禱會(每月首周六 9:30am)
CPC Monthly Prayer
(First Saturady 9:30am)



General Assembly 2021 Updates

2021 General Assembly Reports

2019 Remits which will be voted on in this year's GA

Ha Ca Petition

Gracious Dismissal Final Report

Overture from SASS - Final with GD Report

Session Synopsis堂議會議摘要

Annual Reports 教會年報

Anti-Asian Racism report for distribution to congregations

The Other Pandemic Family Abuse and Violence

Justice, Healing and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

Lent Devotion from VST

Presbyterian World Service & Development - Please send donation directly to the stated address (not through CPC).




New Appointment:
Rev. Jason Byassee has been appointed by Session as Pastor of Outreach for OCM. This is a one-year part time position. Rev. Byassee’s focus is to engage young professionals in our community but he looks forward to getting to know all our congregation members.

Pastor Bios of our church

Watch The Chosen together

Join us for "THE CHOSEN" Friday Online-Movie Nights (7PM - 8.30 PM). It will be the time for us to watch, reflect, and discuss the life of Jesus Christ together. The Chosen Friday Movie nights are happening on October 15, 22, 29; November 5, 12, 19, 26; December 3

We encourage you to register first so that you will receive our weekly brief notes prior to each episode. To register, click this link, and type your name & email address:


Please click the following poster to join our The Chosen watching at 7:00pm on Friday.

On Sunday 9:30am, please click the left blue picture below to join our English live service.

Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19

In response to the growing concern about the spread of the COVID-19 virus, our church is temporarily suspending all our Sunday Worship Services (English, Cantonese and Mandarin), Sunday Schools, Preschool, Chinese Language School, fellowship groups, Bible Study groups and all gatherings immediately until further notice. Please click the top left blue picture to join our Sunday live service and the link from right hand side view our previous online service.


為回應新冠刑肺炎病毒的傳播, 本教會暫時停止所有崇拜 (英語, 粵語和華語), 主日學, 幼兒園, 中文學校, 團契, 查經祈禱會及其它一切活動, 直到另行通告. 請點擊右上角的綠色圖片參加我們的網上直播中文崇拜或右側的鏈接以瀏覽我們以前的網上中文崇拜。

Prayer and Share

Please join us every Monday at 5:00pm by clicking the following link or the link under current events on the right. Please forward prayer requests to Athena Chu or Susie Yuen
Join Prayer and Share
Or dial 778 907 2071 then enter meeting ID: 845 4563 0937 #, enter password 802152 #

Live online service

From Oct,2020, English service will be started at 9:30am in form of live online service. Please join us by clicking the above left blue picture
Or dial 778 907 2071 then enter meeting ID: 814 8139 3959 #, enter password 469444 then enter # again.


從2020年10月份開始,請於每星期日11:30am 點擊以上右綠色圖片參加我們的華人長老會網上直播中文崇拜。
或 撥打電話 778 907 2071 然後輸入會議 ID: 909 132 294 #, 再次輸入#作為您的ID, 然後輸入密碼和# (請致電盧玉明長老以獲取密碼)

CPC Monthly Prayer

First Saturaday of each month 9:30am - Monthly Prayer
From March 6th, we will have a monthly prayer at 9:30am on the first Saturday of each month through Zoom. Please join us by clicking the following link or the link on right hand side of our current events.
CPC Monthly Prayer
Or dial 778 907 2071 then enter meeting ID: 878 6224 9450 #, enter password given by elder John then enter #


每月的第一個星期六 9:30am - 每月祈禱會
由本年度2月6日開始, 將會在每月的第一個星期六, 早上九時半, 以 Zoom 視像形式舉行每月一次的祈禱會, 敬請大家踴躍參加, 請屆時點擊以下或右方活動中的鏈接參加我們的每月祈禱會
或撥打電話 778 907 2071 然後輸入會議 ID: 878 6224 9450 #, 再次輸入#作為您的ID, 然後輸入密碼和# (請致電盧玉明長老以獲取密碼)


請每周星期日 10:0am 以下鏈接參加我們的華人長老會成人主日學。
或撥打電話 778 907 2071 然後輸入會議 ID: 898 4660 4545 #, 再次輸入#作為您的ID, 然後輸入密碼和# (請致電黃鍾齊安長老以獲取密碼)

華人長老會- 歡樂天地

黃牧師於每周三晚上7時半至八時在 ZOOM 上主持 - 歡樂天地活動.
華人長老會- 歡樂天地
或撥打電話 778 907 2071 然後輸入會議 ID: 856 6830 0645 #, 再次輸入#作為您的ID, 然後輸入密碼和# (請致電盧玉明長老以獲取密碼)


請每周星期五 4:00pm 以下鏈接參加我們的華人長老會心連心。
或撥打電話 778 907 2071 然後輸入會議 ID: 958 276 860 #, 再次輸入#作為您的ID, 然後輸入密碼和# (請致電盧玉明長老以獲取密碼)





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